Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Little Online Auction That Could . . .

Going once, going twice . . . SOLD! — LD has become the second largest online auction site in the United States. To celebrate and to help continue this growth, they've announced a new YouTube contest with a $5,000.00 Grand Prize.

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- Over the past weekend a small company in Grants Pass, Oregon has proven to be a real contender in the super-competitive online auction game. ( has come out of nowhere to emerge as the country's second largest online auction site ever, with more than 10,000,000 items currently listed. Wow!

This milestone has only been achieved before by mega-billion-dollar industry giant eBay.

Company spokesperson Valerie Fain says, " owes its success to people across the country who are excited by fact that it's very inexpensive to sell items." At there are different levels of membership, and for as little as $8 a month sellers may list as many items as they like with no worries of paying commissions. OLA's best value, the Founding Membership offers a free e-store, with a promise to the first million Founding Members that their membership rates will remain the same for life.

In the midst of this success, the company has announced a year-long contest guaranteed to push their numbers even higher. is sponsoring a YouTube contest with a monthly prize of $100.00 for the best, most viewed video promoting And at year's end: A Grand Prize of $5,000 for one lucky winner! To learn more about this contest, go to's home page and click on the YouTube icon.

As 'The Little Online Auction That Could', is becoming a powerhouse in the online auction industry, and is picking up steam!

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