Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spice Up the Holiday Season: Entertain With Eggnog

LYNNFIELD, Mass., Oct. 9 -- Each year, when the holiday
season rolls around, so too do a multitude of varied holiday traditions.
Different families, in different parts of the country, have different
rituals. One holiday tradition that has remained constant throughout the
years, however, is the serving of eggnog.
For centuries, hospitable hosts all over the world have been sharing
this rich and creamy beverage with their lucky guests to spice up the merry
atmosphere. What started in England as a drink enjoyed primarily by the
upper class is now available to all-and in a variety of flavors.
HP Hood, a New England-based dairy company that first introduced eggnog
in 1953, has added Gingerbread- and Sugar Cookie-flavored EggNogs to its
existing line just in time to jazz up the holiday season.
Hood now offers seven varieties of its holiday staple: Cinnamon,
Pumpkin, Golden, Vanilla and Light, in addition to Gingerbread and Sugar
"For years, customers have been telling us that, not only do they like
to drink eggnog, they like to cook with it too. We've heard over and over
again that it's an excellent substitute for milk or cream when you're
looking for a richer, creamier taste," said Lynne Bohan, Vice President,
Public Relations and Government Affairs. "Like the Cinnamon and Pumpkin
flavors we unveiled last holiday season, our new Gingerbread and Sugar
Cookie EggNogs aren't just good for drinking but also for making that
extra-special holiday dish."
"We have responded with four delicious flavors of Hood EggNog, which
can be enjoyed alone or as an ingredient in that extra-special holiday
The limited-edition flavors were developed using a proprietary recipe
that blends extra-creamy milk with sugared egg yolks, cane sugar and a
combination of nutmeg and rum flavoring. Because they can be frozen for up to six months, Hood's EggNog products can be enjoyed right through to early summer.
To help inspire consumers this holiday season -- and beyond -- Hood has
developed a series of tried-and-true recipes featuring its new EggNog
-- Looking for that perfect Christmas-morning meal to serve your family?
Try the gingerbread pancakes.
-- Instead of making sugar cookies, experiment with sugar cookie creme
-- Forget about fruitcake; opt for gingerbread spice cake instead.
-- Bored with bread pudding? Test out the chocolate gingerbread pudding.
-- Bring eggnog back to its roots with the EggNog English Trifle.
To view these recipes -- and more -- in their entirety, and for more
information on Hood products and availability, please visit
If you have a homegrown Hood EggNog recipe you think is worthy of
merit, be sure to enter it into the company's third annual Holiday Recipe
Contest. The winning entry will receive a grand prize of a weekend getaway
at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vt. The official Hood Holiday Recipe
Contest Online Entry Form will be available at in early November.


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