Thursday, October 25, 2007

America's Largest Student-Run Food & Clothing Drive

Why this? Students helping others. Sounds good to me . . . -- LD

How much can your class collect?

NEWARK, N.J. -- While food and clothing drives have become synonymous with the coming of fall and the holidays, there's one happening this year that's unlike any other. It's called, "The Drive" -- and will be the largest ever run by students.

Created by a national, non-profit youth service organization called The
League, The Drive (November 7 to 21) expects to set a record and generate
more than $1 million in food and clothing for thousands of people.

"The Drive takes food and clothing collections to a whole new level by
inviting each and every school and student nationwide to participate," says
Dorothy A. Johnson of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and The League Board Vice Chair. "America's youth are bright and enthusiastic -- and can achieve anything they put their minds to - particularly when they work as one. The Drive makes that possible, and quantifies the results -- all while connecting it to classroom learning."

Like in sports, classes score "points" for each item delivered to the
community agencies they've chosen. The points are then converted into
dollar values - demonstrating their economic impact on the community.

Schools can participate in The Drive by joining The League. Joining is
free and simple, and everything a school needs is available at It contains detailed instructions on how to register, plan an event, track points, reward team members, and much more. It also provides access to more than 1,200 lesson plans, developed by The League's curriculum division, Learning to Give -- one of the world's leading developers of youth service and character-building education plans. The lessons, coded for use in K-12 classrooms nationwide, provide an interactive, hands-on approach to teaching the value of giving, service and civic engagement. The Learning to Give web site is visited more than 250,000 times per month.

Created by a consortium of business, education, government, media,
non-profit leaders and youth, The League empowers young people everywhere to "get in the game" of serving their community and the world. It is school and web based and uses a three-prong system that focuses on events, curriculum and recognition.

The League has earned praise from countless educational associations
including the National Associations of Secondary and Elementary School
Principals. To join us, visit

SOURCE The League

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