Tuesday, October 16, 2007

40 Days for Life Reaches Halfway Point

WASHINGTON -- "I would have never guessed that some of the best advertising for the nationwide program of pro-life prayer vigils would come from Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in the United States," said David Bereit, national campaign director for 40 Days for Life.

"People in more than 80 communities are taking part in 40 Days for
Life, and about half of the vigils are being conducted outside Planned
Parenthood facilities," he said. "It seems that's where the prayers of
average people around the country are having their greatest impact." Today
marks the 21st day of 40 Days for Life.

Planned Parenthood's national office is circulating an e-mail alert to
abortion advocates around the country, calling for their financial help to
fight back against 40 Days for Life. The message attempts to
mischaracterize the peaceful intentions of those who have gathered to pray.
"Right now," writes Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, "there are
picketers outside clinics all across the country in an attempt to restrict
women's access to health care services."

"Planned Parenthood is investing quite a bit of energy in response to
40 Days for Life," said Bereit. "Would they do this if the campaign wasn't
hurting their business and tarnishing their public image? We're hearing
story after story outlining the dramatic impact of the 40 Days for Life

-- In Indianapolis, Indiana, the Planned Parenthood facility has been
closed on Saturday, a day it usually offers abortions.
-- In Pensacola, Florida, a local abortion facility has been closed for
three weeks.
-- In El Paso, Texas, 12 babies have been saved from abortion.
-- In Sacramento, California, there have been 600 participants in the
continuous vigil.
-- In Charleston, South Carolina, 48 babies have been saved and one of
the abortion workers asked for a bible and took it into the clinic.
-- In Norwich, Connecticut, the local pregnancy center has seen a
significant increase in abortion vulnerable and abortion minded
-- In Seattle, Washington, many who have never been involved in
pro-life work before are becoming deeply involved through this

More than 50 cities across America have reported successes during the
first half of 40 Days for Life. Their reports are posted online at:

Said Bereit, "To put it plainly, prayer works. We're looking forward to
hearing many more such reports during the second half of the 40 Days for
Life vigils --- and beyond."

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SOURCE 40 Days for Life

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