Friday, October 19, 2007

Kirk Douglas Applauds Senator John McCain

LOS ANGELES -- My name is Kirk Douglas and I have been a Democrat my whole life. More importantly than being a democrat, I am a believer in America, human rights and freedom. It is in that spirit that I risked my career during the McCarthy era and helped break the Hollywood Black List.

Even though Senator John McCain is a Republican, I openly applaud him
for being a true American -- he adheres to the principles that make America
the best country in the world. Last Wednesday in Columbia, SC, Republican
presidential candidate John McCain said the Senate should apologize for
slavery and segregation, calling them "dark chapters in our history."

McCain said he would support a planned resolution by fellow Republican Sen.
Sam Brownback, who is also seeking the presidency, to apologize for racist
laws, some of which ended more than a century ago.

Why are all the other presidential candidates SILENT on the topic of an
apology for slavery? I agree with McCain and Brownback: "They were federal
policies. They were wrong. The only way for us to move forward ... is at
the end of the day to acknowledge our mistakes, take ownership, and ask for

Right now ... THIS COUNTRY IS A MESS. As a 90-year-old man, I ask
myself, "What happened to our country? We started off with such noble
intentions." An apology for slavery mirrors the many issues that this
country today needs to take inventory of as we prepare for the 2008

This apology, coming at this time, will have great impact on
African-Americans ... and the "morale" of the whole country. It will
reinforce that as Americans we condemn egregious behavior and racism. By
apologizing for slavery, the Senate will restate its mission to condemn
crimes of all kinds: slavery, torture, war crimes and more.

I modestly lend my name alongside the Governor of Alabama, Senator
McCain, Senator Sam Brownback and all those who have had the courage to
voice their opinion on this topic. We are all Americans, we believe in this
Country and this is the time for the senate to officially apologize for

SOURCE Kirk Douglas

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